The Punch Brothers pack a punch!

The Punch Brothers pack a punch!

A treat for musicians, The Punch Brothers allow for incredible musical talent that each member uses to play off each other, causing a string of progressive bluegrass improv. Former Nickel Creek band member, Chris Thile, has formed this five-person band around his talent for mandolin and singing. If you are a music lover, this band will no doubt leave you entertained, as well as baffled, at their skill. 

Having seen them perform at Bonnaroo this summer, I can attest my love for their live shows. However, if you are looking for sweet sing-song music that sticks in your head, I suggest you first buy their album instead of buying a ticket. The group tends to wander off into beautiful solo sessions that are perfect for laying out on the lawn under the sun. 

Their latest album, Who’s Feeling You Now?, sparks a rougher look at traditional bluegrass by implementing bluegrass instruments with new age rock vocals. Imagine rock musicians shredding on guitars and then transfer that idea to mandolin, fiddle, acoustic guitar, banjo and upright bass to get an understanding of progressive bluegrass.

It’s a genre that I believe the youth of today will grow to love and appreciate much more than bluegrass has been for today’s youth. This band is extremely fun to watch and I suggest you view them on YouTube immediately. Start with their song “Patchwork Girlfriend” and experience a polka-esque dance about his girl. Don’t hesitate to buy their album! You won’t be disappointed.

"Patchwork Girlfriend"  


Punch Brothers - "Patchwork Girlfriend" - Bonnaroo 2012 (Official Video)