Fleet Foxes

Fleet Foxes

Helplessness Blues

Fly away with the Fleet Foxes as they travel through soul searching harmonies and booming acoustic instruments and you figure out recollect on your life. That’s what listening to Seattle-based indie folk group Fleet Foxes will do for you. Playing off of baroque and folk vocals, the simplistic style of their music grows into nothing but a masterpiece as you listen further.

Their second studio album Helplessness Blues was released in 2011, a work that received praise from reviewers and everyday listeners alike. The band started out as a high school duo of Robin Pecknold singing lead vocals and guitar with Skyler Skjelset, who played lead guitar. Since then Fleet Foxes has grown to include bass, two more vocalists, drums, keyboards and mandolin. 

Their songs “Helplessness Blues/Grown Ocean” and “White Winter Hymnal” are probably their most well known. However I would also suggest listening to “He Doesn’t Know Why,” a piece that definitely channels the groups' 60s-like sound. Pecknold and Skjelset both saw the importance of musicians such as Bob Dylan, Brian Wilson and Neil Young from an early age, sparking their friendship. 

The album Helplessness Blues proved a difficult journey for the band. However, it most definitely paid off. When recording the album, Pecknold wanted to record the vocals in one go. “So even if there are fuck-ups, I want them to be on there. I want there to be guitar mistakes. I want there to be not totally flawless vocals," Pecknold said.

I want to record it and have that kind of cohesive sound,” Pecknold said. After two years of writing material and recording since 2010, the band brought their piece together for us to hear. Don’t let this album slip through your hands or pass by your ears. Instead, listen to it now!